The Secret Garden
          The secret to a beautiful garden                

Photography by Rodney Williams.©

07855 695124

At the Secret Garden they have a dedicated safe friendly team who keep on top of our gardens to ensure they look well-maintained and presentable all year-round. They tend
for the needs of our tortoises and accommodate our bouncy spaniel .

They attend our properties on a fortnightly basis to suit our individual requirements, the team works to a very high standard to keep the gardens looking their best within seasonal norms as they have horticultural expertise, knowledge and qualifications.They give suggestions about planting and source good quality plants which they plant in the most appropriate places. Each visit made is recorded into gardening worksheet to keep track of what work has been done and payment is made by BACs transfer . 

They always notify us if they will not be attending due to poor weather conditions but make up the time when it's required.

We would highly recommend them.

Fiona & Daniel